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Pig Roast BBQ catering

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Pig roast package deal

This package includes a pig, chicken leg quarters (split into leg and thigh), your choice of 3 sides*, disposable plates, plasticware packet (fork, knife, napkin, salt, pepper), Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.     *Please choose 2 regular sides and 1 premium side. (Note upcharge next to each item*The total price per person will be determined by the base price plus your final choice of sides.

                 Regular sides     

  • Loose corn 
  • Green beans

Baked beans   

  • Mixed vegetables
  • Coleslaw
  • Slider buns (sliced dinner roll)   

                Premium sides


Custom-Built Roasters and Grills

To cater for the size of your party and the number of guests in attendance, we are able to build our roasters and grills in a variety of different sizes. Get in contact with us for a quote on a stationary grill or a pig roaster with a trailer.

Barrel Grill Rentals

For those DIY enthusiasts who would prefer to prepare their own pig, we offer three-day rental of a pig roast barrel grill. Rental costs just $225 with $75.00 down-payment required in advance.

Contact us now to learn more details regarding our party BBQs and pig roasts.

We service: South East Michigan, Detroit, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Monroe, Flint, Jackson, Michigan